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Our wide product range has been based on product development with an eye not only to potential "universal" use of any one product in it's intended application, but, just as importantly, requests from customers to provide individual products which are tailor-made to their specific needs. On the basis of "they ask, we listen, and we then develop what has been requested". Each product developed adds to the product range, and also provides information towards development of future products for all customers. Britannia has been closely involved with the evolution of manufacturing processes and machinery. Through direct liaison with it's customers it has been able to keep pace with machinery efficiency increases, production speeds, and the introduction of a whole range of modern adhesive applicators, and has been able to keep adhesive development abreast of such changes.

This close contact with it's customers has enabled us to also monitor and engage with changes in raw materials with which our customers are presented, such as the increasing influence of recycled fibre in paper and board manufacture, and the recent introductions of "green credential" polymer films. This has enabled Britannia to parallel the necessary adhesive developments to meet those needs with our own development of "eco-friendly" renewable-resource raw materials which we are gradually introducing into our range of adhesives. This development puts us in the position of being able to offer (where applicable and where requested) products which contain renewable resource raw materials to meet the specific needs of customers who strive to make their whole product as "green" as possible overall. This is a continuing development strategy, which will be built on as this unique branch of chemistry continues to unfold in the future.

Britannia also engages with customers in producing adhesives which are unique to them and their processes, and we are quite happy to co-operate with customers in a mutually confidential environment in the future.

For the future, our product range will continue to expand, for all the reasons given above, and will surely lead to the development of ever-"greener" adhesives to add to our portfolio.

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